Fall Fashion 2013: Ladies of Leisure

There is no finer haunt for a modern lady of leisure than the Saint Paul Hotel. It is one of the few places left in the Twin Cities where gloves, hats and pearls are always appropriate. The over-stuffed armchairs and stately corridors are the perfect playground for a traditional high tea, an afternoon game of hearts, or an evening of champagne and cocktails. Our darling debutantes spent a day in its great halls, dining, reclining and socializing in the most indulgent of dresses and gowns in velvet, silk, sequins and satin.

Published by l'├ętoile magazine, fall 2013

foyer copy.jpg

Photography: Cory Lidtke | Creative Direction: Beth Hammarlund & Jahna Peloquin | Styling: Jahna Peloquin | Art direction: Kate Iverson | Design Layout: Hardy Stewart & Kyle Helle | Hair: Caitlin Dvorak & Lisa Abramson | MUA: Heath Bryant | Models: Delaney, Olga, Diana & Hamilton for Vision Management Group | Shot on location at the Saint Paul Hotel | Clothing provided by Joynoelle, Jagress Intimates, Ivan Idland, Emma Berg, Caroline Hayden, Max Lohrbach, and MartinPatrick3 | Accessories provided by Stephanie Lake Design, Max Lohrbach, and CINA/IVERSON